Self-Empowerment: Say "Thank You" Not "I'm Sorry"

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

How often do you say "I'm sorry" when what you actually mean is "thank you"? I know I'm guilty of this one - in fact, I feel guilty over just about anything. Because of that, I'm quick to apologize for something that results in someone doing something for me.

For example: as a vegetarian, sometimes people will make special veggie options for meals. I'll apologize for not eating meat, but I'm not sorry I don't eat meat (sorry, not sorry!).

Rather my 'guilt' resides in someone going out of their way to accommodate. I'm not sorry; I'm appreciative of someone's actions.

So, let's swap "I'm sorry" with "thank you" - it's a practice in self empowerment.

These comics from illustrator Yao Xia explain it quite well.

When someone lends you their ear


When you're going through a rough time and someone's there to cheer you up

When you're running a little late

When someone lets you stay with them

When someone has been by your side

Appreciate, don't apologize. It's empowering!

You're a blessing, not a burden. Please remember to also treat others as such.

KindaKind believes that radical kindness and radical empathy are the only things that will save the world. We're not only trying to normalize kindness, we're on a mission to prove that Kindness Is Badass.