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Simple Ways to Show Gratitude to Your Family This Thanksgiving - Especially If You're Bad with Words

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Not everyone's good with words and sharing emotions, I get it. So while you feel all warm and squishy on the inside, you look a little robotic on the outside - especially to those who have no problem sharing feelings and emotions. But your people need to know you care, and fortunately for you, actions speak louder than words.

So here are ways to let your people know you love/like and appreciate them - without having to actually say it.

Help out

Quit thinking that your mom loves taking care of you because it gives her 'a sense of purpose.' Get up and help cook, set up the table, clean up, etc. Help out - people will appreciate it.

Make someone a special dish

Got that weird hippy who doesn't think it's right to eat sentient beings? Make them a special vegan dish. Gluten-free cousin? Make them something they can digest. It's the little things, folks. Or just make someone something that is 'special' if they're into that thing, just make sure to save some for yourself, too.

Bring gifts

Is there a bottle of wine you know your aunt loves? Or a cool craft that you think will entertain the noisy kids? Bring it. Putting extra thought into something shows you care.

Ask someone about that 'new thing' they've got going on

Not sure what they're up to? It's okay, that's what Facebook is for. Stalk away with purpose; so-and-so will really appreciate that you're sort of in the know. At the very least, you took the time to learn, and that definitely counts for something.

Give a card / Write a letter

This can be something you mail via snail mail or give directly. Sometimes words are easier to write, than speak.

Give a genuine compliment

Compliments can go a long way. Give them genuinely and generously.

Be present

Get the hell off your phone and engage with people. If you start feeling like you're losing your mind from too much family time, excuse yourself for a short walk or to catch some fresh air - and check your phone and regain your sanity there.


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