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Style Ethic: A Handbag Fashion Rule Made to Be Broken

Style Ethic is a guest column exploring ethical fashion and body positivity from inclusive wardrobe stylist Kat Eves.

Today I found a listing from a journalist asking stylists to weigh in on things like "Choosing the right handbag for your body type." I was taken aback. We've come so far on the body positive front, I forgot that such a silly fashion rule once existed.

I know what this writer was thinking; when they say "body type" they really mean "size." They want a stylist to tell them that plus size ladies should carry plus size bags and thin women should steer clear of oversized satchels.

Unfortunately for that writer, this stylist says handbag rules are outdated. Let's retire this one.

If you're the kind of person who just prefers to live among hard boundaries, sure, knock yourself out with limits and only shop for bags based on your size. I'm sure that has its own rewards. It's not my thing, but do you, boo.

In any case, I see cute folks of all sizes rocking cute bags of all sizes and looking fly all of the time. Only slime-filled people would turn a great bag into a shame experience. Those people are sad inside. Don't take fashion advice from slimy sad people. They are boring and probably never eat cheese or carbs. What a life.

Handbags are one size fits all. Don't overthink this shit. If you like the bag and you feel good about it, wear the damn bag.

Want to see what handbags I'm coveting? Visit my blog at for my hand-picked selection of ethically made bags and purses just in time for Fall (of varying sizes!).

Shop in peace, my friends. Be the (ethical) bag lady you wish to see in the world.

xo Kat


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