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TECH TIP | GMAIL & It's nifty sidekick KEEP

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Looking around my Gmail with our last update we notice that Gmail has a few neat updates. One of which is a sidebar that can include for now a 'limited' amount of apps for immediate use within Gmail. I'm an avid Google Keep user a well thought out to do list tracker and seeing that its immediately usable within Gmail walls is actually a must-have.

So next time you open up Gmail, try to click on the KEEP symbol on the right sidebar. Whenever you're in need to copy-paste or even just jot some notes about an email you receive Googles keep will automatically attach it. You can then instantly see your note from your IOS or Android app. The mobile application is much more robust in features such as timed reminders to location alerts. I can only hope that Keeps full feature suite will be included on Gmail's side eventually! Click on the screenshots and go here for more information.


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