The World’s First Bee Influencer Is Raising Funds to Save Her Species

Meet B, a new type of influencer. One who in fact is a bee.

B is using her influence to raise money to save her species, which are disappearing at a rapid rate. Taking to Instagram with the handle @bee_nfluencer, she has 128k followers and posts tons of amazing and buzzworthy pics.

B is actually a CGI honey-bee and the humans behind this account are Foundation de France (FDF), a leading philanthropy network established by the French government in an effort to save the bees. Their charity Bee Fund seeks to fund actions that will help to save the declining bee population.

B aims to save the world by generating ad revenue via social media and then donating those funds to the Bee Fund charity. Meaning, the more followers they have, the easier for them it is to reach their goal. So go give B a follow. The photos are amazing, so you'll be happy you did.

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