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This Nightclub for the Elderly Is Fighting Loneliness with Tea Party Raves

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

“We’re the only club event in the world where someone was rushed to the hospital because they forgot to take their drugs."

In 2011 Simon Casson, a nightclub promoter, decided to expand his business to also include those of the older generations. After his 80-year-old mother found herself lonely and isolated after moving to a new town, Simon and his sister Annie Bowden came up with the idea of throwing her a vintage-style tea party and invited a few of her older neighbors. A larger party soon followed, which gradually evolved into what is now called "The Posh Club."

Based in Crawley, south of London, the club hosts weekly cabaret-style gatherings specifically for men and women in their golden years. It’s an opportunity for them to cut loose, dressing up in costume jewelry, capes and top hats and enjoying the shared camaraderie.

One club-goer named Father Niall Weir, who has thrown his full support behind the concept, has said:

One of the biggest challenges we face is the isolation of older people. The Posh Club tackles that superbly. It gives its guests everything that is needed for human contentment: connection, laughter, physical activity. The implications it has on improving health and well-being are extraordinary.

To learn more about "The Posh Club" visit its Facebook Page.


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