Tiger Rescued from "The World's Worst Zoo" Is Now Enjoying Life In a Sanctuary

A tiger named Laziz is now free from the Khan Younis Zoo in Palestine, dubbed "The World's Worst Zoo."

His new life

He had been smuggled into the Gaza as a cub in 2007 to make money for the zoo. After three wars and horrible living conditions, he was one of the only survivors at the zoo... and lone tiger. For years he lived in a tiny cage surrounded by bleached bones and mummified animal remains. Why anyone would ever go to this zoo is beyond me.

Horrid living conditions

His old life

Unable to feed any of the animals, the zoo owner offered them to animal rights group Four Paws. Laziz and 13 other animals were rescued and will now live out their days in much better conditions. Laziz was the last tiger of Palestine (yesss!), and is now enjoying a life much closer to what he deserves in a sanctuary on the veldt of South Africa. Along with 18 other tigers rescued from similar enclosures, he roams an area 1,000 times the size of his hellish cage in which he previously lived.

A better life

To learn more about the story, which is from 2016 visit: dailymail.co.uk

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