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Tips for Staying Positive While Looking for a New Job

Looking for a new job?

Being out of work can really put you in a negative mindset, especially if you have bills dangling over your head or people around you are constantly asking and reminding you of it. A lot of people extend their time of unemployment by letting the negative thoughts and emotions hold them back. Be on the fast track to your career by keeping a positive outlook on things that in turn will boost your confidence, and ultimately help you land the dream job.

Keep Your Confidence

Don’t settle for just any job! Even if the first of the month may be coming up and you feel the pressure of your bills on you, settling for just any job that comes up may not be the best idea. It can really hurt your confidence and make you start to hate a job you haven’t even started yet all because you took an offer at a desperate time. You know you deserve more than the bottom of the barrel, so don’t settle. This decision changes your mindset for the better because now you can start job searching with confidence. I’m the one for the job, I deserve it, and I will get it.

Tip: When interviewing – act like they need YOU, and you are just reaffirming why. After all, they did ask you to come in, so there must be something about you that they like.

Do The Work

If you know what your dream job is, do the research—look up who you have to know, what the position requires and type up a clear and concise cover letter specifically to that person detailing how you can fulfill the position with your expertise and relevant experience. This will let hiring managers know that you are serious about the job and you are perfect for it. Simply blasting your resume and a generic cover letter to every open position in your field will do nothing but keep you unmotivated during your job search.

Tip: Even if your dream position at your dream company is already filled, send it over anyways. If they are impressed they will more than likely keep you on file for when a similar position opens up or have something totally different that they feel you would be perfect for, you never know—your dreams are not as far as you may think they are.

Use Your Time Wisely

A moment not spent working towards your goals is a moment wasted. Put down your phone, get off Facebook, log out of Netflix and get off your couch. Although time unemployed may be refreshing and used as a way to recharge your batteries, don’t over do it. This is time you need to be spending on feeling good about yourself and showing your perseverance to the world – you won’t stop until you get what you want!

Tip: Seek a mentor or a friend who can guide you in the right direction. Someone who can recommend books, a network of people in your field, or any other beneficial outlets you can focus on during your free time. A lot of the time we have the tools for success right in front of us, but our clouded judgment can stop us from getting where we need to be.

These job-hunting tips are great for getting you where you need to be, but even better for helping you stay positive throughout your journey.


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