Unicyclist Completes Round-The-World Trip... for Charity

Ever ridden a unicycle? Me neither, but Ed Pratt sure has!

In fact, the 21-year-old just became the first person to travel around the world via unicycle. And he raised thousands for charity in the process. Over the past 40 months, he unicycled more than 21,000 miles. Wow!

His travels raised more than a total of $393,000 for His journey has raised over $393,000 for the School in a Bag charity, which provides school supplies and educational equipment to disadvantaged children around the world. The nonprofit’s CEO says that the money will benefit roughly 15,000 kids in need.

Ed's travels started in Somerset, England in 2015 as a means of finding something meaningful to do after finishing school. His trip took him through Europe and the Middle East into Asia, across to Australia and New Zealand, before moving on to the USA and back to the UK. Due to weather conditions, his trip ended up taking 16 months longer than expected.

But just last week, he crossed the finish line that had been set up near the School in a Bag's office.

“He left school in search of a challenge and adventure,” his parents told the BBC. “Anyone who has followed his journey around the world will know that he has created just that.”

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