Whip 'Em Out for GoTopless Day

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

If you think it's unfair that men's boobs can enjoy the sun and fresh air, but women's can't - then you are pro GoTopless Day. It's an annual event held to support the right of women to let their fun bags out in public on gender-equality grounds. Because should it really be a law to cover them up just because they're awesome?

GoTopless Day always falls on the Sunday closes to Women's Equality Day - so in 2016 it's Sunday, August 28th. Celebrations (or protests - depending on the rules of your city) occur all over the world. People in cities all around the world are invited to stand up for a women's right to go topless in public.

But before you just whip 'em out, check out the laws map to see where your state stands on GoTopless Day - Utah, for example, is not having it (legally, anyways).

There's tons of events organized around the world - check out the "Boob Map" below to see what's happening in your city.




Manilla, Philippines

Manilla, Philippines

To Be Announced

Riccione, Italy

Riccione, Italy

- GoTopless Pride Parade in Riccione, Central Street (a nice village on the sea), Parade

Please wear colorful bras.

Aalborg, Denmark

Lange Müllers Vej 18 9200 Aalborg SV Denmark

Aug 28 in Aalborg, Denmark inviting all to topless swim in the public swimming pool we have rented:

Sofiendal Svømmehal