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Woman Using Coupons to Help Feed 30K People by Her 30th Birthday

Hey coupon clippers, meet your new inspiration, Lauren Puryear...

Kindness Is Badass KindaKind

She's clipping coupons to feed thousands of people in need. And so far she's fed more than 5,000 people on a teeny tiny budget, securing those super low deals all through couponing. Her goal is to feed 30,000 people by her 30th birthday on September 14, 2017.

She spends about five to ten hours a week looking for coupons, and recruits family and friends to help her snip and accompany her on grocery trips. Proving she totally has the whole 'work-smarter-not-harder' thing down.

She can reportedly feed 150 people for as little as $20, stating, "It's probably the most exhilarating thing I could ever do in life." (Get it, Lauren, gettt it!)

Her dedication to deals started in 2012 after her grandma passed away, who instilled in her the importance of giving back. She then started an organization in her grandmother's memory - For The Love of Others was born. The organization helps those in need through various community outreach events - one which involves buying, preparing and distributing food.

“I first research locations where there is a homeless population and then look at the laws to make sure I’m able to serve in public,” she told ABC. “And then I just go to the area and let people know I’m there.”

The passion for helping others, which her grandmother instilled in her, she hopes to impart on her 5-year-old son, saying "It's very important to teach him to help other people. The little things we take for granted, the food we throw away every day ... and if we just spread a little more love around, the world would be such a better place.”


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