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Women: We Must Stand Together

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Oh, 2017.  Every day there’s something new, isn’t there?

As the sexual misconduct allegations continue to pour in, I am confused, appalled, and saddened by the way women are speaking about other women.  Just the other day I noticed a Facebook status stating that women "should either report it when it happens or get over it."

Get over it?!

I can’t keep quiet about this any longer.

Since when did women lose their empathy?  Why are they so quick to point the finger at other women, even when the men are admitting to their misconduct?  It’s painful to read the comments section of the articles I read; so cruel and heartless to the victims.  While I don’t know the details (and neither do you) of any of the accusations, from Harvey Weinstein to the recent Morgan Spurlock confession, at least there are men owning up to their actions, and others realizing their “boys will be boys” behavior is not okay.

Even the slightest sexual advance can be damaging.

Women can’t even walk down the street without being cat-called, we can’t turn a man down without being called a bitch, and we can’t stand our ground without being referred to as a “nasty woman.”  As if it wasn’t already hard enough to be female thanks to the power struggle of men and the glass ceiling- why are we insulting those who have the courage to stand up?  

This isn't a matter of feminism, sensitivity, or man-hating: it's simple human decency.

Sure, not every accusation may be true, but I also think it’s uncalled for to berate those who are brave enough to put themselves out there.  The law can take it from there: it’s not your place.  Whatever the case, the world is finally waking up; however, the way men have treated women in our society is simply not okay.  Whether it’s a consensual affair or a controlling relationship (which I have been in), no man is entitled to a woman’s body.  Ever.

Please consider what you say before accusing others of being liars, money hungry, or attention seeking.  You never know the experiences or trauma they may have been through.


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