After Nuns and Millennials Discover They’re ‘Soul Mates’, They Work and Live Together to Change the World

You may not think that convents of older Catholic women and ardent millennial activists would have very much in common, but these two demographics have merged in a surprising way through this ingenious program. Nuns and Nones is a nationwide organization that brings young people together with Catholic nuns to participate together in social causes. The “Nones” are millennials who check “none of the above” when asked for religious preference, because they do not identify with a specific religious ethos. According to the Nones and Nuns website, this accounts for 40% of millennials in the United States, counted in the nationwide census. Regardless of their chosen spiritual label, the Nones who have participated in the program have gleaned a life-changing amount of guidance and wisdom from the sisters. In return, the sisters have been inspired by the fresh ideas, creativity, and insight offered to them by their younger counterparts.

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