Husband Spends 2 Years Planting Thousands of Flowers for His Blind Wife to Smell

Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki lived a happy life as dairy farmers in rural Japan, raising two lovely children. But tragedy struck when Mrs. Kuroki suddenly lost her sight due to complications from diabetes. Soon, she became depressed and withdrawn, secluding herself in the family home. Mr. Kuroki struggled to find a way to cheer up his wife, until he suddenly had a beautiful idea. He planted a flower garden where she could enjoy their smell, enticing her to go outside. Two years of hard work and thousands of flowers later, the private farm is now a tourist attraction, drawing thousands of people every year, from all around the world, who wish to see this real life love story. And best of all, Mrs. Kuroki is once again smiling. Here's the full story, along with a video at the end. Mrs. Kuroki can’t see anything, but she loves to be outside Image credits: Youtube She and her husband moved to this dairy farm shortly after they got married in 1956 Image credits: Shintomi Machiyakuba They raised two children and lived a happy life until something went wrong with Mrs. Kuroki’s sight Image credits: Yoshiyuki Matsumoto A week later, she was blind due to complications related to diabetes Image credits: Rkr21Sfmfr Depressed, she began to withdraw and stay indoors Image credits: Yoshiyuki Matsumoto Concerned about his wife, Mrs. Kuroki struggled to think of a solution Image credits: Youtube And then he began to plant flowers Image credits: Yoshiyuki Matsumoto Thousands of scented flowers over two years Image credits: Yoshiyuki Matsumoto Slowly, Mrs. Kuroki emerged from her shell to enjoy the garden Image credits: Yoshiyuki Matsumoto Now, she smiles every day Image credits: Yoshiyuki Matsumoto Talk about relationship goals! Love is real. And Kindness Is Badass.

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