Kind Ways to Handle a Mouse-In-Your-House Situation

If you live in a rural or urban area, odds are you have or have had issues with mice. And as cute as Cinderella makes it look, these uninvited house guests are anything but. Instead of going all mortal combat on these little critters, take a kind approach. Don't Live in a Mouse "Party House" If you were a cartoon character, could we see the odor lines squiggling off of you and your house? If so, it's probably advisable to clean your act up. Regardless of your level of filth, do your best to just keep your house clean. Keep all food stored properly in airtight containers and in places that are safe from becoming a mouse buffet. Mice are just like humans; we all think a party without food sucks, so if there's no food, they'll split. Also, put your trash cans as far away from your home as possible. You know how your home is filled up with guests for your outside parties and bbqs? Mice are no different - if they're having a food fest outside your house, there's a pretty good chance, they're coming inside to use your bathroom, hang out and seem to never ever leave. Construct a humane mouse trap Watch this video to see how to put a bottle and cheese to good use. Of course, once you trap the mouse... release the little critter outside far far away from your house. Create barriers Find holes in the interior walls of your home, and proceed to block those babies up. It's best to start with interior walls, so you leave a way out for the mice. Hopefully without easy access to your home, they will leave for elsewhere; but without a way out, they'll likely chew new holes. Find the areas the mice are using. You may notice gross greasy stains, a sprinkling of mouse turds and a characteristic smell. Mark these holes with chalk and clean the area. Large holes should be repaired, but smaller ones can be sealed with scouring pads. Use green kitchen pads or copper scouring pads. Secure the pads to the sides of the hole, or the mice will eventually pull them out (don't underestimate their brains). After a few days, look for evidence of continued mouse activity. Check holes and look for more to seal. Once you are sure that interior walls are secure, seal any holes on the exterior of your house or building. Repel Mice Screw the chemicals (and don't think about trapping or killing mice!) Get your mitts on some peppermint oil - it's an awesome, natural deterrent. The smell is super intense for rodents, so they avoid it. It also helps to mask the scent of food. Place a drop or two on a cotton ball Place the cotton balls in areas where mice are likely to enter your palace: doorways, heating vents, etc. Another helpful deterrent is to grow peppermint plants near the entryways. The mint can also be used in cooking. And remember, don't trap in a traditional mouse trap or kill! Killing is not only a dick move, it's also stupid since it doesn't solve the problem. Be solutions oriented, people! Kindness Is Badass.

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