Self-Empowerment: Say "Thank You" Not "I'm Sorry"

How often do you say "I'm sorry" when what you actually mean is "thank you"? I know I'm guilty of this one - in fact, I feel guilty over just about anything. Because of that, I'm quick to apologize for something that results in someone doing something for me. For example: as a vegetarian, sometimes people will make special veggie options for meals. I'll apologize for not eating meat, but I'm not sorry I don't eat meat (sorry, not sorry!). Rather my 'guilt' resides in someone going out of their way to accommodate. I'm not sorry; I'm appreciative of someone's actions. So, let's swap "I'm sorry" with "thank you" - it's a practice in self empowerment. These comics from illustrator Yao Xia explain it quite well. When someone lends you their ear or When you're going through a rough time and someone's there to cheer you up When you're running a little late When someone lets you stay with them When someone has been by your side Appreciate, don't apologize. It's empowering! You're a blessing, not a burden. Please remember to also treat others as such.

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