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Ashley Lauren

Ashley Lauren


I’ve been a model, a TV host, a radio host, a web producer, and I’ve traveled around the country as a presenter for fortune 500 companies. Despite all that I thought something was missing. Everyone I met was so caught up in keeping up, that they continually overlooked how important it was to be kind. So that’s why I’ve decided to make kindness cool. It’s become my mission to show the world that not only is kindness fun and easy to do, but also that small actions can have giant impacts. That’s why I started Kinda Kind. I’m glad that your path has lead you here and I’m glad we’re on the journey together to make kindness badass.


Kinda Kind is on a mission to normalize kindness and prove that Kindness Is Badass. We get so caught up in our lives that we often forget just how easy it is to be kind. Also, too often people perceive kindness as a a weakness, and something that's boring. And F that, amiright?! Kindness is a strength! Plus, you can drink whiskey, swear, and still be a good f***ing person.

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Kinda Kind aims to change the tone and tenor of the web by highlighting feel-good stories about good deeds, charitable acts and altruistic tales from how to share positive new stories, Braille smartwatches that help the seeing-impaired, to tips on being a courteous rideshare rider.....


Ashley to explain why kindness is badass and why she left a safer path to pursue her passion. Read on below and be sure to check out her site. It’ll help balance out all the negativity you encounter online.


Dickinson started a community sourcing section on the site called “Kind’ers” — anyone can upload stories of kindness they’ve experienced or found on the Internet. I follow Kinda Kind with Ashley Lauren on Facebook, which is the best place to keep up on everything they are putting out. By doing so, I got turned on to a fantastic story that’s happening right now in San Francisco.


Ashley's witty and lively interviews, storytelling and charming insights and rants will shed new light on all the Kind and Badass Sh*t happening in the media, our communities, and all over the world. Too often people confuse kindness with being a weakness. And that sucks! Not only is it strength, it's also badass.

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