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Ashley Lauren

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Ashley Lauren Dickinson is the founder and creator of KindaKind. She, along with KindaKind, believes that radical kindness and radical empathy are the only things that will save the world. KindaKind is not only trying to normalize kindness, it’s on a mission to prove that Kindness Is Badass. 


According to Ashley, her whole life story has been leading her to KindaKind. A hyper-sensitive child, she grew up thinking something was wrong with her... that she felt too deeply. Sensing the pain of the world, yet unable to fix, she developed severe anxiety, ulcers and a brutal stutter as a young girl. At the age of 3 she asked her mom where meat came from... an answer she did not like. Unable to speak, she turned inwards, and her sensitivities heightened. She became better able to notice those in need and more aware of the kindness she witness between others, and it’s magnitude. The only way she would feel better is when doing something to help those in pain, or spread awareness of an issue. While eventually her anxiety and stutter subsided, it wasn’t until she began to turn that same kindness onto herself that she made her kindness and empathy her superpower.

In addition to KindaKind, Ashley Lauren was also on TLC's Reality Show “The Spouse House.”


Throughout her life, she has met so many amazing people but always realized something was missing. Everyone is so caught up in keeping up - we continually overlook how important it is to be kind. And kindness resides in the simple everyday gestures. It’s simple, yet it’s everything.


That’s why she started KindaKind. We’re stoked your path led you here - you’re one of us and also on the mission to prove that Kindness Is Badass.

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