16 Ways to Be Less of a Jerk in 2016

A New Year is a fresh start - or at least a good place to start making some changes. Here are 16 ways to be less of an asshole in 2016.

1- Don't flake

If you say you're going to be somewhere, be there. This also goes for Facebook events - only RSVP yes if you know you're going to be there. People make plans based off the number of people who say they're coming - so if you're not sure, just click 'interested.'

2- Be on time

Respect people's time. Of course things happen, but let's all try our best to be on time.

3- Be a grown up

Take care of your responsibilities. Pay your bills, clean up your mess, pick up after your dog, be respectful, etc.

4- Give back

Donate or volunteer. Find a way to use your passion or skill for a purpose. Plus it can be really easy.

5- Read things before you share them

Quit sharing things without actually reading them. This is why bogus information and articles get spread so quickly. Consider the source. This goes for political crap or something about crystals being the cure for IBS. This method also applies to repeating information you heard someone say. Consider the source and look into it before spreading. That info might be opinion, or just total garbage.

6- Vote

Don't complain more than you vote. People fought & died for your right to vote - so do it. It's important, and not doing so actually sort of makes you a dick.