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4 Girls Put a Message in a Bottle and It Made Someone's Day

How cool is this? Someone found a letter in a bottle - that alone is exciting - but check out what it says:

KindaKind Kindness Is Badass

8th July 2013 16:30

"If you have found this letter you are one of a kind. Remember to love yourself and everyone around you. Always be true to yourself and live everyday as if it will be your last. There are 7 billion people in the world but you are just as special and important as anyone. If you are going through a tough or difficult time in your life believe in your values and know that there is always someone out there you can truly to talk to. You are beautiful in your own special way. If you are not going through a tough time then treasure every moment and be grateful to all who have given up something for you. xxx ILY
From 4 girls who wanted to make someone's day."

Thanks to the KindaKind follower who sent this over! You lucky duck, you.


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