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8 Classic Christmas Dishes, Veganized

Vegans, we sacrifice a lot and our hearts are in the right place, but unfortunately a lot of our food sucks... if not properly veganized, and even then it still sometimes sucks (let's be honest). Or we just say "screw it" and figure the days of eating good food are behind us. This is all especially hard over Christmas since the holiday is basically about food. Spare me the 'reason for the season' stuff... you didn't make 30,00 cookies for Jesus.

Thanks to these recipes, you can still get down with classic Christmas foods, even if you're vegan. (Or if your body revolts against you when you digest dairy or eggs.)

Spiked, or not, (but definitely spiked... super spiked) - everyone/most/some really like eggnog; it's a holiday classic.

But for vegans, lactards, or those just trying to eat less shitty, eggnog was a thing of the past...

Until now, thanks to this bomb eggnog recipe that incorporates raw cashews, coconut milk, dates, Kahlua or vanilla extract, freshly grated nutmeg and the optional spiced rum.

This recipe is tasty, boozy and surprisingly easy to make. Even those who have no qualm with the 'traditional,' will be on-board with this eggnog because, booze.

While I don't know if I've ever actually had figgy pudding, I do know it's a holiday classic and according to that jam, that "we all like figgy pudding." So wether you've had it or not, at least now you know that you can if you're vegan.

Cookies! EVERYONE loves cookies. And you know what, everyone deserves cookies that are damn good, even if you can't get down with dairy and eggs. But fear not, you're good: Browse this resource, which has 45 recipes for vegan Christmas cookies.

Just like the traditional, this recipe includes all the random, rum (or apple or orange juice) soaked goodies, trinkets, and other weird stuff, and the same insanely dense poundage we love to hate.

If you're not feeling inspired enough to actually bake, here you can purchase a fruitcake that is both vegan and gluten free.

Who doesn't love being covered in frosting and cursing at crumbling boards of gingerbread? Thanks to this recipe, eggs and dairy are no longer barrier.

This is all a lot of work, so if you wanna just decorate a house, get this gluten free, vegan Gingerbread House Kit.

My grandma always made the best ambrosia salad.... it's really more just like whipped cream with bits of fruit in there. And hell yeah that's a salad. While this recipe isn't gonna be as good as my grandma's, it is vegan... so it's got that going for it.

This green dish can still either delight or disgust you, thanks to this recipe. Not only is it vegan, it's also gluten-free, grain-free, paleo friendly, and probably fits whatever other weird ass diet you're on.

Okay stuffing is f*cking bomb! Since I've been a veghead for so long, I haven't had any sort of stuffing in years+. But now I totally get it. And when it's vegan, there's zero chance it was all up inside some bird. The chic who made this recipe had the following requirements: to create a stuffing with deep, complex, savory flavors that even a meat-eating family would attack and devour with reckless abandon.

It uses a mushroom and olive oil flavor base, onion, celery, garlic and sage aromatics, a homemade vegetable stock (link to that recipe is included) and nuts for texture.

So go veganize some stuff!


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