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Canadians Are So Nice, It's Actually Causing Car Accidents

Is being "too nice" ever a thing? I don't know, but if anyone was to make this a thing, it's probably Canadians.

Get this: police in Charlottetown, on Canada's Prince Edward Island, are warning drivers to quit being so damn nice to each other. This warning was issued following a series of accidents caused by motorists trying to be kind.

Whoa, Canada

According to Charlottetown's Police Chief Paul Smith, there have been multiple accidents on the city's busy University Avenue caused by one driver stopping and waving another in. Can we call this a 'Canadian standoff'?

"A good Samaritan gesture can sometimes have devastating consequences when you are looking at t-bone accidents," Smith said in an interview. "When you are looking at four-lane roadways, the obstructions that happen when someone stops -- particularly in an inner lane to allow someone out -- they're not seeing what's coming up on the curb lane."

Smith said people are trying to be courteous to others during the holiday season, but that can lead to problems for all involved.

"The flip-side is, if I'm the good Samaritan, I run the risk of being -- in an insurance world -- one of the causing factors of it, and who knows where that could lead," he said.

Charlottetown police are reminding motorists to stick to the rules of the road.

Over the past year, eastern Prince Edward Island has become a bit of an Amish paradise, and Islanders are welcoming the new settlers with open arms.

I love Canada.


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