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Texas Grocery Store Lost Power and Let People Leave without Paying. Shoppers Paid It Forward

The goodness of humanity.

This week the presence of kindness at H-E-B grocery store in Leander, Texas as gone viral. In a Facebook post, Tim Hennessey reported the collective moan when the power went out at the grocery store. But when he and his wife made it to the cashier, she waved him through... allowing him and the hundreds of others to leave with their items (without paying).

According to Hennessey's post, customers responded by paying it forward to others. Helping each other get to their vehicles with their groceries, offering assistance when carts and cars got stuck in the snow. carts and carts got stuck in the snow and helping the elderly get to their vehicles, and more.

“Everybody started helping each other,” Hennessy told the Post, also adding that he called H-E-B on Friday to ask about the company's preferred charities, wanting to pay forward the cost he would have spent on his groceries.

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