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10-Year-Old Donates Hundreds of Pajamas and Books to Kids in Shelters

For the last 3 years, Dominic, a 10-year-old who lives in London, has been collecting pajamas and books to give to children spending Christmas in shelters after escaping domestic violence.

He started the campaign when he was just 7 years old after he realized not everyone has a great time at Christmas. According to their website, their mission is as follows:

We want to make it our mission to make sure every child feels safe and warm, not just for Christmas but all the time. Each year many children, for many different reasons, have to leave their homes with no clothes, no toys and no books. Even if it is just a fresh pair of pyjamas and a story to read I believe if this can make the smallest difference to a child then to me it is worth it. This year we would like to go bigger and better and reach out to more children.

Since the campaign's inception three years ago, he has managed to donate hundreds of brand new pairs of pajamas and hundreds of books to women’s aid so that the children can have a fresh pair of PJs and a bedtime story on Christmas Eve.

He never stops campaigning and trying to make others’ lives better. If he’s not collecting pajamas, he is being an activist, designing his own T-shirt to spread the word on plastic pollution, and donating the proceeds to ocean protection charities.

As a real community champion, Dominic would love to show other kids that they have a voice and they can stand up for what they believe in, too.

To learn more about Dominic’s mission, be sure and check out his website.


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