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5 Acts of Kindness That Show Love for Those in Need

Life can be filled with amazing moments, like finding your dream job or becoming a parent. Unfortunately, there can also be tragedy and stumbling blocks along the way. As difficult as it can be to overcome these obstacles, it can also be tough for family and friends. You may feel helpless or unsure of how to show your support. However, there are plenty of ways to encourage your loved ones. Here are five special acts of kindness to help them get through hard times.

A Hot Meal

Those going through a tough time often skip meals. This could be due to a financial hardship or a lack of appetite. Regardless, it would be a nice gesture to bring them a hot meal. If you are not so great in the kitchen, then order something from their favorite restaurant.

A Hug

Physical contact can have a positive impact as well. Something as simple as a hug is a great way to show your love and support without saying a word. It lowers their defenses and allows them to be vulnerable, even if it is just for a moment.

Start A Project Together

A great way to push through your pain is to stay active, but this can be difficult to initiate on your own. Another kind-hearted thing to do is start a project with your family member. For example, a small garden or a family-tree collage can be a nice distraction, and a way to spend quality time with one another.

Random Phone Calls

When people are struggling, they have a tendency to keep to themselves. A big part of this is because they don't want their problems to be the topic of everyone's conversation. Try an unplanned phone call every once in awhile. This is less invasive and should receive a better response.

A Day Out

Depression or other mental health conditions can cause people to avoid leaving the house. A pleasant outing with your family member can be just the thing to put a smile on his or her face. This doesn't have to be anything major or expensive. You could invite that person out to lunch or to the spa.

Of course, acts of kindness and good intentions are not enough to completely eliminate someone's problems. Yet, you would be surprised how big a difference a little thoughtfulness can make. If you have any questions or concerns, do not be afraid to ask for help. There are counselors and support groups available for the families of those suffering from addiction, mental illness, or emotional trauma. The key is for your loved one to know that he or she is not alone.


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