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Bathed in Purple: Tributes to Prince Across the Globe

The world wept with the news of Prince's passing. Whether you grew up with his music, experienced your first kiss to purple rain, or always partied like it was 1999... his music influenced your life.

And as you can see, much of the world went purple last night in honor of Prince.

The Eiffel Tower

Chicago's Skyline


Brooklyn Borough Hall

The I-35W Bridge in Minnesota

Target Field in Minneapolis

The Orlando Eye

Denver's City County Building

NASA posted picture of a purple nebula, in honor of Prince

The Zakim Bridge in Boston

Terminal Tower in Cleveland

San Francisco City Hall

Los Angeles City Hall

Niagara Falls (technically for Queen Elizabeth's birthday... but still...)

Seattle's Great Wheel

The High Roller in Las Vegas

Dallas, Texas

Rest in peace, Prince. You'll be missed deeply.


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