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Chester Bennington's Suicide: A Reminder of The Importance of Mental Health

My heart broke a little when I heard Chester Bennington of Linkin Park died. After all, Linkin Park was huge to me in my teenage years. Then my heart broke wide open when I learned it was a suicide.

Chester's suicide is another reminder of the importance of mental health and the horrors of addiction.

Here is a note Chester wrote to Chris Cornell after learning of his death. This is heartbreaking.

For years, Chester struggled with drugs and alcohol. And in the past he said he had considered committing suicide due to abuse as a child by an older male.

Chester was 41 years old and married with 6 children from 2 wives. How terribly heartbreaking.

Let's build a world where mental health and addiction aren't taboo or things to hide. They should just be other things to fix or heal.

Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255


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