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Craft Beer Company Created World's First Edible Six-Pack Rings


We're all familiar with those six-pack rings... the ones you're supposed to cut up but somehow always end up in the ocean. Yeah, those ones... they kill more than a million birds and 100,00 marine animals every year.

Saltwater Brewery, a craft beer brand founded in 2013 and based in Delray Beach, Florida, is doing something about it - they just made the world's first edible rings. They're mainly made from wheat and barley, and are biodegradable and can be eaten by animals... instead of killing them. (score!)

These six pack rings are the first ever 100 percent biodegradable, compostable and edible packaging used in the beer industry. The brewery is hopeful that others will adopt this approach, stating, “If most craft brewers and big beer companies implement this technology, the manufacturing cost will drop and be very competitive compared with the current plastic solution.”

Originally posted in 2016, but it's worthy of a reshare.


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