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Doggy Devotion: Dog Stands Guard for a Week Until Trapped Friend Is Found

Having your dogs go missing is every pet parent's worst nightmare. But thanks to a dog's BFF, a Facebook post and group of volunteers, two pups are now home safe.

KindaKind Kindness Is Badass

When pups Tillie, a setter, and Phoebe, a basset hound, went missing in Washington state, a group of volunteers took to the streets and woods to find them, and animal rescue Vashon Island Pet Protectors turned to Facebook, posting about the missing duo.

A few days after posting, they received a call saying from saying that while they were out on their property, a reddish dog had come up to them a few times, before promptly heading back into a ravine.

After receiving the tip, volunteers made their way into the ravine, and with a bit of searching, the volunteers heard a small one-woof response when they called out to Tillie. Soon after they found her lying beside the old cistern with her head resting on a concrete wall ... with Phoebe below.

In a true testament to friendship, Tillie stayed with Phoebe for a week. Leaving each day to find help, but always returning to stand guard.

Both dogs were cold and hungry, but are now doing well.

Never underestimate the loyalty of dogs, and if yours go missing, keep searching for them.


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