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Historic D-Day Photos

On June 6, 1944, Allies staged the opening invasion of France on a 100-mile front along the Normandy coast. These photos from D-Day will live on forever.

Reinforcements for Allies Arrive in Normandy

U.S. infantrymen make their way through the surf as they land at Normandy in the days following the allies' invasion of occupied France. Allied ship loaded with supplies and reinforcements waits on teh horizon.

WWII D-Day Landing

American soldiers and supplies arrive on the shore of the French coast of of German-occupied Normandy during the D-Day invasion on June 6, 1944.

Paratroopers Prepare Before they Jump on D-Day

U.S. paratroopers fix their static lines before a jump before dawn over Normandy on D-Day.

U.S. Coast Guard Approach the Shore

A U.S. Coast Guard landing barge approaches the shore at Normandy during initial Allied landing operations on June 6, 1944. These barges ride back and forth across the English Channel, bringing wave after wave of reinforcement troops.

American Assault Troops Move onto Beach

American assault troops carrying full equipment move onto a beachhead code-named Omaha Beach on the northern coast of France on D-Day.


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