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Officer and Four Citizens Rescue Man from Burning Vehicle - Just in Time

Wow! Humanity rules.

On may 15th, the dash cam on Anchorage police officer Mitchel Veenstra's cruiser captured a dramatic video of the officer and four citizens rescuing a man whose arm was trapped under a burning vehicle.

At first Officer Veenstra and a few other volunteers tried to push the car off of the driver, but did not have the man-power to move the vehicle. The officer then recruits more bystanders to help, eventually gathering enough conjoined strength to move the SUV off the victim’s arm, allowing him to crawl out of the top of the vehicle. The video shows the exact moment when the driver crawls out of the burning wreckage, clutching the arm that was crushed.

According to sources, the vehicle engulfed in flames less than a minute after he was rescued.

The officer was hailed a hero, but quickly gave props to the outstanding citizens who helped save the man's life.

In a nice twist of irony, the man who was rescued from the fire was actually a firefighter. The man is reported to currently be okay. He did admit that he wasn't wearing his seatbelt, which likely led to his arm becoming trapped. So, buckle up.


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