Stray Dog Caught Shoplifting Book "The Days of Abandonment" Goes Viral and Gets Forever Home

Oh man, get ready for this...

Lil' bookworm pupper

A stray dog was caught on-camera sneaking into the Feevale University bookshop in Hamburgo, Brazil. After making it past the front desk, the pup grabs a little reading material and casually trots out of the store. The book grabbed.... "The Days of Abandonment" -- an all too relatable topic for stray animals.

Before making it too far -- out of the store or into the book -- a student retrieved the item and returned it to the cashier on duty. The bookstore staff proceeded to post the pup's video on Facebook, where naturally, it went viral.

As fate would have it, a group of local animal rescuers saw the video, stopped by the bookstore, and checked the dog into their care. The pup was given a bath, vaccinations, and a foster home to live in until he finds a furever home.

Watch the video here:

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