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Style Ethic: Finally, Fashionable Clothing to Empower Nursing Moms

Guest post by Kat Eves. Want more? Read more about Leche Libre on

It's World Breastfeeding Week, and that means for my first post back after a little hiatus, I'm talking about freeing the nipple. First, an obvious reminder: boobs give life. Women have been breastfeeding since the literal dawn of man, because that is how life exists. I say this because this being 2016 AD, women are somehow still being shamed for breastfeeding in public. If you have a problem with mothers keeping their children alive in public places, I ask you to please go to a public restroom with a 10 lb sack of potatoes latched to your nipple, and sit in a stall for 20-45 mins, 8-12 times a day. If you don't have a compassionate response after that, I recommend you try this test for narcissism.

Leche Libre founder Andrea Newberry didn't start her stylish nursing apparel collection because she needed to fulfill a long dream of becoming a fashion designer. Disappointed in the available clothing options for nursing mothers after having her first child, Newberry created Leche Libre to empower moms like herself to feel confident and comfortable to breastfeed anywhere, anytime.

And because this badass feminist mama from Chicago got into the business of doing something to empower others, she's taken care to make sure the process of making Leche Libre garments aligns with her values, too. Each piece is made ethically in the USA. She works with a diverse set of model mamas, and she hopes to be able to expand to plus sizes in the future, as well.

After receiving an overwhelmingly positive response to her initial offerings, Newberry has launched a Kickstarter to expand her collection, to bring Leche Libre to virtually any location. Going to the office? Leche Libre Little Black Dress. Going to the park? Leche Libre sweatshirt. A museum? Leche Libre tunic.

This isn't about following the latest fast fashion trends that are here today, gone tomorrow. The beauty of Leche Libre lies in a timeless, classic design that women can enjoy long after nursing time has passed. It's no accident that woman like myself who don't even have kids covet the clean lines and flattering cuts of Leche Libre's collection.

Want to help support Leche Libre and get your hands on your own? Here's how:

Back the Kickstarter campaign (and pre-order one of the new items in the collection for yourself or someone you adore). Share the Kickstarter campaign on social media. Write/vlog/spread the word on your own blogs.

Even if you're not a nursing mother, you probably know someone who is or will be soon. Whatever you do, make sure to bookmark Leche Libre the next time you want to bring the best present to a baby shower (or put it on your mommy wishlist!).

Full disclosure: I met Andrea Newberry, founder of Leche Libre, in a badass professional women's group, and she has been incredibly supportive of my own creative endeavors. I'm thrilled to have a friendship with someone who I genuinely believe has created something truly innovative and needed in the nursing apparel space. Rock on, mama!


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