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The AbleGamers Foundation

From their website, AbleGamers describes themselves as:

"A 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity organization that empowers children, adults and veterans with disabilities through the power of videogames. AbleGamers holds the largest community for gamers with disabilities found anywhere in the world."

In 2004, Mark Barlet and Stephanie Walker came together to create a charity that allows people with disabilities to participate in playing games and participating with other people to create a lasting bond. By advocating to developers and companies who design video games, they are able to provide the best practices to help these individuals enjoy gaming. AbleGamers help describe the walls that disabled gamers must overcome in order to enjoy a specific game or genre.

AbleGamers will always welcome donations and volunteers to their cause. To date for 2016, AbleGamers have raised over $64,000. If you are interested in helping, visit

(Thanks to AbleGamers for information regarding their cause)


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