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Chris Gethard’s “Lose Well” Will Give You the Nudge You Need to Reach For Your Dreams

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Mr. Gethard—pronounced “Geth-erd” not “Get Hard” like some of his middle school tormenters will have you believe, has been on the radar for some time now. He's got several acting credits under his belt (Recognize him as Ilana's boss from Broad City?), performs standup regularly and is the host and creator of two successful and unique projects - the podcast “Beautiful/Anonymous” and TruTV talk show, "The Chris Gethard Show." He’s got the ability to reach those of us “weirdos” who don’t always seem to connect with the mainstream. Now he’s got a new book and it’s as hilarious as it is enlightening.

“Lose Well” is Gethard’s second book. His first, “A Bad Idea I’m About To Do: True Tales of Seriously Poor Judgment and Stunningly Awkward Adventure” introduced us to Chris’s wit, voice, and heart while also reminding us of how cringe-worthy life can be. “Lose Well” isn’t without the cringe-factor; there’s plenty of that (See: The story about a middle school dance, a boner, and a rejection, not necessarily in that order).

The powerful takeaway this time around is that anybody can be “punk rock” with any endeavor, whether it be creative or otherwise, if they have the grit and determination. Life isn’t easy. Nothing is served on a silver platter. But if you work your ass off, are kind to others, and are true to yourself, good things will happen (See: The story about Chris’s surprising success as 50s teen idol, Conrad Birdie). Sometimes, LOTS of times, you’ll fail. You’ll lose friends, money, jobs, etc. but if you learn to lose well, picking yourself up will become easier each time. Let Chris guide you on that journey.

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